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Why supply sourcing

Many North American fenestration companies are recognizing the tangible benefits of "outsourcing" component and part supply to countries that are able provide lower costs, just-in-time delivery and superior quality. Tycoon GT has established and implemented low-cost procurement strategies in China and other low-countries (LCC’s) to enable you to access top-quality goods and services that can enhance your competitive edge and reduce your risk.

Purchasing components from China or other LCC’s where manufacturing costs are often greatly reduced can allow you to focus on your core business and improve your profitability. Tycoon GS experts are now assisting many North American fenestration companies in tailoring their essential purchasing requirements for semi-finished and finished components to take full advantage of reduced costs, improved reliability that the modern manufacturing efficiencies of China or other LCC’s can provide.

The reliable network established by Tycoon GS in China and other low-cost countries will allow you to mitigate your risk, improve domestic production efficiency and allow you to concentrate your domestic resources where they can add the most value to your business.

Secure your important purchasing transactions with a reliable supply chain and put the low production costs and huge talent base of LCC’s to work for your company.

Your prospects for greater profitability can start today – let Tycoon GT show you where to begin! Tycoon GT can provide comprehensive, "end to end” procurement management solutions that will work for you.

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Tycoon Global Trading provides a complete end to end process management solution to source components/materials with competitive market propositions.

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